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Patricia McClintock & Associés Inc.  - Design Consultants - Interiors

Also known as PMA Design, the firm is a multidisciplinary team of designers, specifier, architectural technicians and story tellers. Unexpected and functional hospitality experiences are created and inspired from the team diverse backgrounds such as Interior Architecture and Design, business, internationalism and fine Arts. These experiences bring pleasure to guests and their families while providing our clients with great results.

PMA Design - Interior Architectural Projects
The foundation of PMA Design’s reputation - Aesthetics with functionality

For over 30 years, Patricia McClintock & Associés inc. has strived in creating both visually superb interior environments and  spatially sound, that incorporate local culture thru art and color.

The Design intent is to produce harmonious environments offering guests the opportunity to come into contact with aesthetics, sophistication and the possibility of engaging and experiencing unexpected pleasurable guest experiences.

Our team of experienced professionals have a no nonsense and business approach in developing custom designed interiors.
We work with private owners and also with all major Brands. Our aim is to create guest experiences that insure that our clients achieve successfully their business goals and maximize revenue generating opportunities.

- Patricia L. McClintock


Patricia McClintock & Associés Inc., 4035, Saint-Ambroise, suite 217  
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